You’ve been leading your organization and steadily building your company’s culture for years.

You’ve built a high-performing team but you’re worried they’ve developed “tunnel vision”.


You’re wondering if there’s more you could do to make sure everyone is performing at peak level.




I work with you 1:1 as your confidential sounding board as well as your strategic advisor.

You need someone who understands the demands of your job but also is objective – and brave enough – to tell you the hard truths and show you things you might have missed.


I help you get everyone aligned so your team is able to reach new targets and achieve bigger goals.

I meet with your team to assess overall performance. We take a deep dive into the issues they’ve been struggling with to surface any areas that might have been overlooked.

Samuel Lundin

Leanne proved that she has a very good ability to gauge an organization and to provide excellent and well-thought out advice and suggestions for strategy improvement.

She not only is a good analyst, but also is efficient at delivering the work to allow implementation of the suggestions she proposes.

Leanne has excellent team-working skills.

She inspires and can efficiently motivate others, and she is invested in bringing out the best from each member of the team.

She proficiently respects different work cultures and customs, and her suggestions reflects this very well, for the benefit of the organization.

Samuel LundinFounder/CEOBiotome Pty Ltd