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Call it “Custom”


Before content became a “thing” the creation of consumable information was mostly left to publishers and advertising agencies.

In those days, the term “custom content” meant publishing information for internal facing/existing consumers. The idea was to use custom content to strengthen an already established relationship.

When content marketing hit the mainstream, content was still produced to inform and persuade but the audience was an external one. Content marketing became the medium used to create consumable information that would attract new customers and relationships.

For the most part, content marketing is what people talk about and practice these days.

MY definition of “custom content” is something that is handcrafted. It’s unique, personal, and not easily replicated. It’s more about craft than cranking out crap.

But, the aim of my work does include both old-school custom content AND content marketing skills/practice.

I’m thinking a lot about this new definition and if it’s a direction others can easily follow (or, even want to follow).