Which View Is For You?

There are those of us who run our businesses always looking through the lens of prospective customers. We are diligent in ensuring that what we say we do and what we offer are expectations we can deliver on. Because we consider the customer’s point of view to be the reference point surrounding our work, it can be easy to overlook alternate realities that color individual experiences.

What I’m talking about when telling you to look at yourself while you’re looking at your customers is akin to “observing the observer” . It’s a way of watching your own responses and reactions while recording the experiences and behavior of others.

So, why would I ask you to do this? Easy. I’m asking you to observe your own responses while chasing down the responses of others because that’s the view you need to have if you are intent on creating a life rather than just running a business. 

When you stop obsessing about delivering the perfect product at the perfect price, when you take the time to notice your own “response rate” to your latest program, you create room for new views. You go from the pressure of delivering to the possibility of contemplating delight.

If what you’re doing isn’t delighting you, I’m pretty sure down the road, it won’t delight your customers, either. It’s the individual view that can create a whole new world.