You had an IDEA and you created a company.

Well done, you!

But, now you need help finding ways to


That means you need to get CLEAR about your “why” and then FOCUS on the “what, who, and how”.  

But, as you already know, there’s more to startup success than passion and vision.

You need to have the right idea and the right team.

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We Can Help 

Sometimes with a business idea as big as mine, it can be challenging to find strategic sequencing to keep the various elements moving forward in an efficient way especially with a small team and currently slim resources.

Leanne’s creative thinking, clear communication and obvious experience in the entrepreneurial world was instrumental in creating a more clear action plan for moving forward in a way that felt manageable, inspiring, and smart to me.

She offered ideas and perspectives that I had not even considered, but that makes great sense for my situation.

Lee Giove
Lee GioveMy WingsMy Wings

Leanne opened my mind and showed me ways to look at things that I haven’t thought of before.

She gave me ideas I can run with and that will get me the results I’m after.

I received big picture strategies that will help me grow my business in the direction I’m after.

I can’t recommend her enough!

Michaela Latavahna
Michaela LatavahnaMichaela Latavahna, Beachside StudiosBeachside Studios


Ideations provides weekly research and best practices with actionable ideas that will help you grow your startup in ways that work for you.

That sounds so boring, yes?

Well, trust us, it’s not.

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