You had an IDEA to create a sustainable startup focused on social change. 

Well done, you!

  • Now you need to focus on refining your ideas and reaching your goals.

I Can Help 


It’s quite possible, as brilliant as you are, there are things your business needs that you haven’t been able to build into its foundation.

Rather than ignore the holes in your business or try and fill in all the gaps yourself, let me help you BUILD A STRONG FOUNDATION.

A fresh and strategic perspective helps you spot the areas that need to be improved so your team is strong and your business succeeds.


Does your team  know what you need to do in order to grow your business? Is everyone aligned with your businesses goals?

The only way you’ll be able to make sure everyone is to take the time to dive deep into your “Why, What, Who, and How”.

I help you FIX the things that matter – team alignment – so you don’t miss important signals or get stuck in team dysfunction.

Strategic Business Advisor in Sweden


Are you reaching the right audience with your marketing efforts?

The only way you’ll know the answer to these questions is if you’ve done extensive research because, in today’s world, one size does not fit all.

I’ll give you insights into what your customers are looking for and how you can best help them so you’re able to scale your start up in ways that work.


Do you struggle to find customers for your start up and encourage support for your NGO?

Don’t worry. This is one of the areas where I was BORN TO HELP.

Chances are, you’ve been so focused on the daily operations of your business that you are missing KEY OPPORTUINITES to connect with your customers and develop relationships with donors.

Let’s fix that.

Samuel Lundin

Leanne proved that she has a very good ability to gauge an organization and to provide excellent and well-thought out advice and suggestions for strategy improvement.

She not only is a good analyst, but also is efficient at delivering the work to allow implementation of the suggestions she proposes.

Leanne has excellent team-working skills.

She inspires and can efficiently motivate others, and she is invested in bringing out the best from each member of the team.

She proficiently respects different work cultures and customs, and her suggestions reflects this very well, for the benefit of the organization.

Samuel LundinFounder/CEOBiotome Pty Ltd