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Who do you follow on social media and what have you stumbled across lately that makes you STOP AND THINK? Is there a person that always triggers introspection and reflection? I’ve got a few people in my own world who do this for me but I’m looking for who makes you think. Send me an […]


In addition to being super strategic and business-growth focused, I am also pretty funny? I mention this because it’s one of the most surprising and DELIGHTFUL parts of the work I do with my brilliant clients and business providers. For all the time we spend on getting things “just right”, we also find ourselves breaking […]


Today I participated in a feedback breakfast aimed at helping budding entrepreneurs turn their ideas into solid businesses. It. Was. A. BLAST! And it reminded me of that saying about how knowing you’re in FLOW is when all you’re doing is so natural to how you’re wired that you could do it for ever without […]


Remember the book with the same title by Dr. Seuss? If not, Google it and add it to your “must read” list for professional development. Because, more than facts and figures, more than strategy and structure, what you really need when you decide to do this thing called entrepreneurship is a steady drip of faith, […]


You just came back from the best training conference ever. You’re mind is so full of thoughts and things to start implementing to build your business that you don’t know whether to take a break and let your body and brain recover or you to push through so you don’t lose momentum. HERE’S WHAT TO […]


When receiving advice for growing your business – be it through social, content, or any other type of digital marketing – make sure you study the effects after implementing them. Seriously, I say this because what may be great advice, in general, could be a terrible move for your business. It’s smart to see if […]

Customer Delight: How A Swedish Design Company Got it Right

If your business is implementing digital marketing strategies, chances are, you’ve already tapped into the power of social media to create connections with your customers. Some companies are naturals when it comes to online engagement, but as an American living in Sweden, one thing I have noticed is that very few Nordic businesses understand customer […]

Stop & Think Before You Create a Newsletter

Newsletters. Who really reads them, anyway, right? And, why, as business owners, do we keep telling people to “build their list!” by having newsletters when we know people rarely read them? The answer is because we’re scared. We’re afraid if we don’t capture someone’s email, we won’t be able to SELL them something once we “win […]

Call it “Custom”

  Before content became a “thing” the creation of consumable information was mostly left to publishers and advertising agencies. In those days, the term “custom content” meant publishing information for internal facing/existing consumers. The idea was to use custom content to strengthen an already established relationship. When content marketing hit the mainstream, content was still […]

Picture Perfect

I’ve just read an article from Andrew McDermott with Grade.us who says that now more than ever, people are judging you on the quality of your content and the photos attached to them. In fact, McDermott says there are five things customers evaluate – automatically – when they come across one of your photos. Are […]

Creating Content

Do you create or do you regurgitate? When it comes to content marketing, there’s a growing trend in making more meaningful content for customers that incorporates custom crafted messages delivered thoughtfully, rather than inundating people with a steady stream of crap. Personally, creating custom content is what I prefer but just because I like it […]

Which View Is For You?

There are those of us who run our businesses always looking through the lens of prospective customers. We are diligent in ensuring that what we say we do and what we offer are expectations we can deliver on. Because we consider the customer’s point of view to be the reference point surrounding our work, it can be […]

Can You Connect?

I spent the better part of my morning talking to a complete stranger on Instagram. Commenting on a series of photographs we had posted, we each shared our thoughts and reactions; often, delving into deeper introspection and reflection. Doing so, having a real-time give and take made for one of the better online conversations I’ve […]

The Right Fit

Finding that missing piece to your puzzle is one of the best feelings in the world (if you’re wired in such a way as to need to complete things #ME) but just because you’ve found it doesn’t mean it’s the right time to put both pieces together. Sometimes it all comes down to timing.  That’s […]

From Transactional to Transformational

?IDEA TIME You’re a small fashion brand that wants to grow. You already know you won’t be trying to appeal to everyone but you also know that the right people will become lifetime customers because that’s the kind of clothing you make. Long-lasting, slow fashion that becomes a permanent part of people’s wardrobes. So … […]

Why “Thank You” Matters

A few months ago I created a Facebook page for my business. Not wanting to treat it the same way I had seen others do (where they receive “likes” by sending out requests to all of their friends from their personal profiles via the Facebook auto invite tool), instead, I added content I thought was […]

Slow Down

Things move fast in social business. There always seems to be a new tool, trending topic or task that we’re told will be the thing to take our work to the next level. Opportunity is everywhere and the pressure to seize it can be hard to withstand. The thing is, if you are constantly looking […]

If You Build It, They Will Come

There’s a line in the movie, A Field of Dreams, that I’m sure you’ve heard. “If you build it, he will come” is what Kevin Costner keeps hearing in his head as he contemplates turning his corn fields into a baseball field for people his daughter assures him will travel from all over to come […]

Social Selling

Can you be “social” and “sell” what you do at the same time? That’s a question I’ve thought long and hard about the last ten years. I’m not going to go into the merits of social media as a tool to promote business (it’s really effective) and I’m not going to discuss the pros and […]

Journey or Destination?

Content Marketing. We’ve been bombarded with information on what this is, why we need to do it and how best to create content that works. What we haven’t done, though, is talk about how content marketing – when done right – takes us back to a time when the world wasn’t moving at the speed […]

It Takes Two

The email came in last night. It was another, “Can you help me decide what to do?” conversation. For those of you who like problem-solving in business, I’m sure you know where this is going. Asking more questions to understand what we were dealing with, it occurred to me that this person already knew the answer […]