Cross-Cultural collaboration in Sweden with Leanne Stewart and Ideations


Who do you follow on social media and what have you stumbled across lately that makes you STOP AND THINK?

Is there a person that always triggers introspection and reflection?

I’ve got a few people in my own world who do this for me but I’m looking for who makes you think.

Send me an email at and me know.

I’d like to expand my intellect by tapping into who expands yours.

Happy collaboration with Ideations and Leanne Stewart in Sweden


In addition to being super strategic and business-growth focused, I am also pretty funny?

I mention this because it’s one of the most surprising and DELIGHTFUL parts of the work I do with my brilliant clients and business providers.

For all the time we spend on getting things “just right”, we also find ourselves breaking into hilarious laughter over some of the funniest things that have nothing to do with the actual business of work.

But, without that, without the humor and the joy of letting our “funny” out, I doubt our results would be as strong. Humor binds us together as strongly as our shared struggles.

I don’t ever want to get to the place where I have to choose otherwise.

start up Sweden work collaboration with Venture Cup and Ideations


Today I participated in a feedback breakfast aimed at helping budding entrepreneurs turn their ideas into solid businesses.

It. Was. A. BLAST!

And it reminded me of that saying about how knowing you’re in FLOW is when all you’re doing is so natural to how you’re wired that you could do it for ever without even breaking a sweat.

My friends, I was flowing today as I sat next to some brilliant people who were just as motivated to help others as I am.

We all hunkered down and read through pitch decks and use cases and business proposals from some of the top creative and innovative minds in Sweden and gave our suggestions for how they could reach their goals.

This, I could do forever.

What about you?

What gets you FLOWING?

Collaborating with women business owners in Sweden


Strength. It’s a quality often cited as important when building a business.

It’s also an indicator that if you possess it, your chances of survival increase exponentially (business-wise and personally).

But, what we rarely talk about in this “Boss Babe” world is how very, very crucial it is to have help.

For me, some of the hardest times I’ve gone through as a business owner were when I believed the lie that because I was strong that meant I could, and should, power through all of the challenges, fears, frustrations, and failures alone.

For those of you who come from the same background/mindset that to be strong means to do it all, let me lead you down a different path.

  • Find help.
  • Find partners.

Find ways to work with other people to help them achieve their business goals and watch them help you achieve yours.

If you only knew … the women I’ve found – and who have found me … they’re gifts that continue to strengthen me every single day.

Have you found your group yet? Do you have people in your life that you know have helped to make you stronger?

Two women in business in Sweden finding new customers and clients with Ideations

How to FIND New Customers & Clients

What’s the number one way to FIND new customers and clients?

Look at your competition.

Now, before you recoil in horror and think I’ve turned into a sneaky, non-collaborative, cut-throat marketer, hear me out.

I am telling you to look at your competition because chances are there is an overlap between what you offer and what they do. They may be in the same industry but offering different services. They may have a similar product but a different audience.

There may be things they’re doing that make people follow and buy from them like crazy.

If so, study it!

See what they’re doing that works so well and then try the same things with YOUR customers.

They also may be missing opportunities that you spot.

If so, reach out. Create a connection. Engage with them and offer to SHARE YOUR IDEAS.

When you do this, what can happen is that your own business grows along with your professional reputation.

People WANT to work with people who understand that collaborating and combining strengths is way better than competing or working with a scarcity mindset.

And when you collaborate with others, you have the opportunity to provide better service to your customers and clients because you’ve built a network of trusted partners you can count on to help you offer all the good things your customers and clients need.

Let me know how you FIND new customers. Would trying it my way work for you?

NOTE: Three weeks ago, I started a series for my newsletter subscribers on how to FIND – ENGAGE – CONNECT. This week’s post is the third and final tip on how to FIND new customers and clients.

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