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Remember the book with the same title by Dr. Seuss? If not, Google it and add it to your “must read” list for professional development.

Because, more than facts and figures, more than strategy and structure, what you really need when you decide to do this thing called entrepreneurship is a steady drip of faith, belief, hope, and determination.

If that’s not what’s found in the pages of a children’s book, then why would we read them?

You’ve got this, my sweet friends. There are so many places that are soooo ready and waiting for YOU to step foot in.

What are you waiting for??

Two women in business in Sweden finding new customers and clients with Ideations

How to FIND New Customers & Clients

What’s the number one way to FIND new customers and clients?

Look at your competition.

Now, before you recoil in horror and think I’ve turned into a sneaky, non-collaborative, cut-throat marketer, hear me out.

I am telling you to look at your competition because chances are there is an overlap between what you offer and what they do. They may be in the same industry but offering different services. They may have a similar product but a different audience.

There may be things they’re doing that make people follow and buy from them like crazy.

If so, study it!

See what they’re doing that works so well and then try the same things with YOUR customers.

They also may be missing opportunities that you spot.

If so, reach out. Create a connection. Engage with them and offer to SHARE YOUR IDEAS.

When you do this, what can happen is that your own business grows along with your professional reputation.

People WANT to work with people who understand that collaborating and combining strengths is way better than competing or working with a scarcity mindset.

And when you collaborate with others, you have the opportunity to provide better service to your customers and clients because you’ve built a network of trusted partners you can count on to help you offer all the good things your customers and clients need.

Let me know how you FIND new customers. Would trying it my way work for you?

NOTE: Three weeks ago, I started a series for my newsletter subscribers on how to FIND – ENGAGE – CONNECT. This week’s post is the third and final tip on how to FIND new customers and clients.

Interested in the previous two tips? They can be found here and here).

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Call it “Custom”


Before content became a “thing” the creation of consumable information was mostly left to publishers and advertising agencies.

In those days, the term “custom content” meant publishing information for internal facing/existing consumers. The idea was to use custom content to strengthen an already established relationship.

When content marketing hit the mainstream, content was still produced to inform and persuade but the audience was an external one. Content marketing became the medium used to create consumable information that would attract new customers and relationships.

For the most part, content marketing is what people talk about and practice these days.

MY definition of “custom content” is something that is handcrafted. It’s unique, personal, and not easily replicated. It’s more about craft than cranking out crap.

But, the aim of my work does include both old-school custom content AND content marketing skills/practice.

I’m thinking a lot about this new definition and if it’s a direction others can easily follow (or, even want to follow).

From Transactional to Transformational


You’re a small fashion brand that wants to grow. You already know you won’t be trying to appeal to everyone but you also know that the right people will become lifetime customers because that’s the kind of clothing you make. Long-lasting, slow fashion that becomes a permanent part of people’s wardrobes.

So … you take a page from popular culture and make your own locks for a signature piece of clothing.

Then, you create a campaign to remind people your clothes are “forever” pieces worth investing in and “securing”. You could make it part of a treasure hunt. You place a mystery lock with a secret code (Willy Wonka meets the digital age) at specific locations. People have to use an app to locate it and unlock it.

But, first, they need the code. They have to collect tokens along a predetermined path. When they’ve collected all the tokens and arrive at the lock, they get a code that unlocks it. They bring the lock to your showroom where you give them huge congratulations, film/take their picture and put it on your website under “our partners”. They get a huge discount on a piece from your line that’s specifically for this campaign.

If I were the brand, John Sterner Stockholm, for example, I’d have the treasure hunt go through all the steps of creating their handmade pieces that they do. From where the sheep are that the wool comes from to the Syrian refugees who make the sweaters to the suppliers of the beautiful packaging to the showroom.

Each place, a meeting with others, a story to tell, a memory to be made and a connection to fashion that’s more than transactional.