Creating Content

Do you create or do you regurgitate?

When it comes to content marketing, there’s a growing trend in making more meaningful content for customers that incorporates custom crafted messages delivered thoughtfully, rather than inundating people with a steady stream of crap.

Personally, creating custom content is what I prefer but just because I like it doesn’t mean that’s what the people I’m working with need.

Meaning, sometimes people need the same message – in different forms of delivery (blog, IG, video, podcast, ebook, email, etc.) consistently dripped and shipped.

Partly because people don’t have the same attention span they used to and partly because the amount of content is so vast and the level of noise so high that regurgitating the same message is the only way (for now) to gain their attention and attract them to your product/service.

It’s something my inner artist is in active discussions with my inner pragmatist about.

Artist Sarah Graham in her London studio. Photo from Material Girl