From Transactional to Transformational


You’re a small fashion brand that wants to grow. You already know you won’t be trying to appeal to everyone but you also know that the right people will become lifetime customers because that’s the kind of clothing you make. Long-lasting, slow fashion that becomes a permanent part of people’s wardrobes.

So … you take a page from popular culture and make your own locks for a signature piece of clothing.

Then, you create a campaign to remind people your clothes are “forever” pieces worth investing in and “securing”. You could make it part of a treasure hunt. You place a mystery lock with a secret code (Willy Wonka meets the digital age) at specific locations. People have to use an app to locate it and unlock it.

But, first, they need the code. They have to collect tokens along a predetermined path. When they’ve collected all the tokens and arrive at the lock, they get a code that unlocks it. They bring the lock to your showroom where you give them huge congratulations, film/take their picture and put it on your website under “our partners”. They get a huge discount on a piece from your line that’s specifically for this campaign.

If I were the brand, John Sterner Stockholm, for example, I’d have the treasure hunt go through all the steps of creating their handmade pieces that they do. From where the sheep are that the wool comes from to the Syrian refugees who make the sweaters to the suppliers of the beautiful packaging to the showroom.

Each place, a meeting with others, a story to tell, a memory to be made and a connection to fashion that’s more than transactional.