Why “Thank You” Matters

A few months ago I created a Facebook page for my business. Not wanting to treat it the same way I had seen others do (where they receive “likes” by sending out requests to all of their friends from their personal profiles via the Facebook auto invite tool), instead, I added content I thought was interesting and tried following other businesses who seemed to have similar interests. I had limited success.

I also tested the efficacy of Facebook ads to promote my business page (but that’s another story).

On my personal profile page, I did post a request to my friends asking them to “like” Ideations on Facebook, which many were happy to do, but in terms of sending out an automated request, I just felt like if people really liked my business, then they would  “like” it when the time was right.

Two days ago, I decided to try something else.

Going through my friends list, I actually “invited” a select number of people (not all of my “friends), to “like” my page through auto invite. And you know what? So far, over 20 people have gone there and “liked” it!

But, here’s the thing.

If I were to just stop there, then who I say I am and what I say I do when it comes to helping businesses improve their online engagement would be completely inauthentic. If I didn’t take the time to personally thank each person for taking the time to help me, then why would you believe me when I told you I knew how to help you better connect with your customers and your community?

So, as each “like” rolled in, I would think about who that person was to me, what our relationship was like and how much I appreciated them. Leaving a comment on their profiles written in the exact same way it would sound if we were face-to-face in real life was what I did.

It may not seem like a big deal to most people and I’m sure many will say they don’t have time to do this with their own social media plaftorms because they’re too busy or they don’t know what to say to people when it comes to communicating online. For me, though, there really is ZERO difference.

What you see from me (or read) is almost 100% what you’ll get in real life. I say “almost” because real life lacks the “backspace” key I kind find so very useful when my heart or head aren’t always in sync. 😉
And the reason I mention this is because the most important part of being helpful to others is acknowledging them when they’ve been helpful to you.

So, take a few minutes and think about the people who have helped you. Send them a quick, “thank you!” and let them know you appreciate them. I can’t promise it will immediately add to your bottom line (that’s not the reason to be thanking them), but I can guarantee it won’t hurt it, either.