How We Help You


It’s quite possible, as brilliant as you are, there are things your startup needs that you haven’t been able to build into its foundation.

Rather than ignore the holes in your business or try and fill in all the gaps yourself, let us help you BUILD A STRONG FOUNDATION.

We’ll review your current situation and look for ways to leverage your resources for maximum effect.

Our fresh perspective will help you spot the areas that need to be improved so your startup succeeds.


Do you know what you need to do in order to grow your business? Are you reaching the right target audience with your marketing efforts? Is the content you’re producing hitting the benchmarks you’ve set?

The only way you’ll know the answer to these questions is if you’ve done extensive research because, in today’s world, one size does not fit all.

We dive deep into your business and make sure your brand is benefitting from the latest research. (Click Link)

We give you insights into what your customers are looking for and how you can best help them.


Leanne Stewart

Ideations Founder & Chief Idea Officer (CIO) – Sweden

Strategy, Growth, Startup Coaching, Cheerleader & Champion

Robyn Hodgdon

Founder & Owner of Robyn Hodgdon Creative Professional – U.S.A.

Creative, Graphic & Website Design, Branding & Online Marketing

Katja Presnal

CEO-Founder – Presnal 5 – Finland

Social media and influencer marketing strategist. Brand builder and pioneer in digital marketing space since 2004.

Who We’ve Helped

Desiree Colonna

Sometimes as business owners, we need to get outside of our heads; Leanne helped me come up with some branding ideas on a project for our company which were out of the ballpark! She is an idea girl who will walk through your business strategy with you.”

Desiree ColonnaDesiree Colonna, Bella Web Design
Charlotte Pantzerhielm

I love working with Leanne. She has a unique skill of visualizing concepts and bringing great ideas from different viewpoints and perspectives, which have helped form my company’s marketing and sales strategy. Leanne always brings great energy and creativity to any project!

Charlotte PantzerhielmCharlotte Pantzerhielm, Founder, Lluvy
Lesley Jefferson

Leanne helped us in the early days to position our product in the US. She reviewed the wire frames, wrote website copy and researched best practices for users in the States vs the UK, She went well beyond the call of duty to supply quality, professional work with quick turn around times.

Lesley JeffersonLesley Jefferson, Zlimm 123