Woman whiteboard business strategy plan


You just came back from the best training conference ever. You’re mind is so full of thoughts and things to start implementing to build your business that you don’t know whether to take a break and let your body and brain recover or you to push through so you don’t lose momentum.


Get a piece of paper – the bigger the better – and write down EVERYTHING that you can think of.  Think of this as a massive brain dump where you list or scribble or write down •every •single •thing that is in your head.

  • Write what you learned.
  • Write what you liked.
  • Write what you are wanting to implement for your business.
  • Write what you think you need and want to do now.

If something comes up that seems unrelated (stressors, grocery lists, people you miss, etc.) add that to the sheet of paper, too.

The goal of this exercise is to get your mind clear. Once you’ve got everything you can think of that’s been swimming around in your head down on paper (or a whiteboard if your as lucky as this woman in the photo) then I want you to allow yourself time to SWITCH OFF.

  • Go for a bike ride.
  • Take a walk.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Phone a friend and arrange a meet up.
  • Take a nap.

Your brain will thank you and your body will welcome the rest. A day or two later, go back to what you wrote down and see it with fresh eyes.

What still works? What can be crossed off? Where does it make the most sense to start?

From this frame of mind comes clarity and focus.

This is where true strategy and execution are found.

But first, WRITE IT DOWN.